Evolving Practices for Data Management and Sharing

A Data-PASS Workshop


12:00 - Lunch

1:00–1:15 - Introduction

1:15–1:30 - Presentation on a Data Citation Roadmap for Scientific Publishers, by Tim Clark and Helena Cousijn (Slides)

1:30–3:00 - Presentations from ICPSR, QDR, Odum, and Dataverse + 30 minutes Q&A
  • Practical Implememtations of Research Data Policies: Solutions using Dataverse, by Mercè Crosas (Slides)
  • Integrating Data Verification Into the Manuscript Publication Workflow, by Thu-Mai Christian (Slides)
  • Implementing and Incentivizing Publication-related Data Sharing, by Margaret Levenstein (Slides)
  • Annotation for Transparency Inquiry, by Sebastian Karcher, Colin Elman, Diana Kapiszweski (Slides)
3:00–3:15 - Coffee break

3:15–4:15 - Breakout sessions on 3-4 topics, 4 groups
  • To encourage conversation among attendees about the topics just presented/other matters
  • Topics might include where to introduce data/review in the workflow; implications for editorial burden and for reviewer availability.
4:15–5:15 - Broader discussion
  • Results of break-out groups + discussion - 40 minutes
  • JEDI - 20 minutes